This ancient rural village is midway between the towns of Bridgnorth and Stourbridge and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Enville is also renowned for its brewery, "Enville Ales", which produces ale made from honey.

The Albrighton Woodland Hunt has meets across this rich section of our country. However, the most popular is held at Enville Hall, which has Royal roots and dates back to the 16th Century.


The family name was Grey, best known perhaps through Lady Jane Grey who was Queen of England for 9 days in 1553 before being beheaded by her successor Mary Tudor.

The country around Enville Estate can be divided into large woodland (Enville Common, is flanked by a forest of Scotch pines) and open ground and is, undoubtedly our best country. For those who have hunted this land, it is legendary!

For the majority of the hunting season, stubble fields can be found to cross. Some of this area is shot and not crossed until after the shooting season has finished. The days after the shooting season offer grass, tracks and woodland with few roads and plenty of fences. Parts of this area can ride deep. If we have a wet winter riders can find themselves on the tracks in one or two places.

The Hunt holds its traditional Opening Meet at Lawnswood House, near Stourbridge. This meet is well supported by riders as well as spectators. The Hunt has the privilege of access to the extensive parkland and a number of hedges greet the riders immediately from the meet.  

At the end of the season this area also plays host to our Closing Meet at Mill Farm. We attract high numbers of visitors to this meet from Hunts across the United Kingdom, not only for the fantastic hunting, but also the mouth watering Pork Pie, which is home-made at Mill Farm!  

Enville Hall

The Earls of Stamford lived in Enville Hall.

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